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• Why San Miguel de Allende?

If you are thinking of living in Mexico, then San Miguel de Allende is the place to be! 

Located in the high desserts of Central Mexico, San Miguel, with its stunning architecture, is considered by all to be the Colonial Jewel of Mexico. Among the many benefits of living in San Miguel are:

  • A marvelous, sunny year-round climate,
  • A large and vibrant English-speaking community,
  • More cultural activities than you could ever attend, and
  • An environment in which you can feel safe and secure.

In short, there is no better place to live than San Miguel.  And once you’ve decided on San Miguel, your next decision is easy!

• Why ?

The homes of are located in the heart of San Miguel on one of the city’s most lively and interesting avenues. There is plenty of hustle and bustle on the street, but once you pass through ’s front gates, you enter a different world - a world of tranquility and seclusion, a world of beautiful homes nestled among soothing fountains, majestic arches and flowering bougainvilleas, a world that is so very rare in San Miguel!

Due to San Miguel’s extremely tight housing market, there are virtually no centrally located homes left that are attractively finished and below the $600,000-$2,000,000 price range. Plus, most of these high-priced homes would still require significant upgrades to be put in ‘move-in’ condition. Nor is building your own home a viable alternative, due to the high cost of centrally located lots and the substantial time commitment required to oversee construction and deal with the inevitable cost overruns and time delays.

• Is Right for You?

Do any of these describe your situation:

• Is This Your Second Home?

offers an attractive option if you are looking for a second or third home that is used for only part of the year.  If you want, you can rent your home at for a few weeks each year to help defray the cost of ownership. San Miguel’s rental market is very active and very attractive for landlords.  Plus, our security and management infrastructure is already in place to make your home a trouble-free investment.

• Are You Newly Retired?

The cost of retirement homes in upscale U.S. communities has more than doubled in the last five years, and attractive and affordable retirement options are rapidly diminishing.  This has put many people’s dreams financially out of reach, and has forced many to readjustment of their expectations for quality of life in retirement.

offers you all of the same conveniences, but at a much lower entrance price. And San Miguel’s steadily appreciating home prices set the stage for attractive returns on your investment over the years.

• Do you wish your current home were better situated?

Sometimes you end up disappointed in the location of your second home and want one that is better situated. And sometimes your dissatisfaction is due to an over-dependence on automobiles, isolation from your neighbors, or a lack of interesting events and activities nearby.  None of these will be your problem when you live at in San Miguel!

• Do You Already Live In San Miguel But Just Want A Change?

If you are a San Miguel resident currently living in a large, detached home, especially in Balcones or Atascadero neighborhoods, you might wish that you were closer to town in a large – but not too large – home that requires minimal management, repairs, and maintenance.  Well, is a great way to simplify your day-to-day life while preserving and enhancing the unique experience of living in San Miguel.

• What Are The Homes Of Like?

The homes of range in size between 2,500 and 3,750 square feet. All of them feature private interior patios with fountains, as well as roof-top terraces. Typically, each home has 2-3 bedrooms and/or a study. The rooms are designed to be spacious, light-filled, and airy, with at least 10-foot ceilings throughout. In many cases, the living rooms have a much higher vaulted (boveda) ceiling. Each house’s balconies, windows and doors are framed in exquisite wrought iron with stone surrounds. And the kitchens and bathrooms, while built in the Colonial style, contain fixtures and hardware manufactured up to U.S. standards.

• What about the Common Spaces and Amenities?

The common spaces at are designed to provide residents a pleasant walk to and from their individual homes, past bubbling fountains, flowering plants, and soaring archways. There is also a large central courtyard that contains a swimming pool, more green areas, benches, and a very large and beautiful fountain. While children and pets will be allowed at on a select basis (see our Town Home Rules for details), strict guidelines will ensure that the common areas are kept both tranquil and well-maintained at all times.

Of equal importance, features round-the-clock security and day-time porter service from both the front gate and rear parking garage for luggage, groceries, etc. And in the front office, secure storage is also available for packages and other deliveries.

• What about Prices?

We have a sales office located on premise to: answer questions, provide Model Home tours, floor plans, pricing schedules etc. Or contact your preferred real estate agent. For details, contact the office at lafuente@homessanmiguel.com

• What about The Services and Monthly Fees?

Eventually, the services and monthly fees will be set by the individual owners as a group, but to start with, the following services will be put in place with individual owner fees appropriately apportioned:

  • Round-the-clock security
  • Porter service from morning to early evening
  • Gardening and pool maintenance for common areas
  • Common area utilities (light and water)
  • Bi-lingual management services available at all times (evenings and weekends: for emergencies only)

Depending upon the size of an individual property, we anticipate the monthly dues will be approximately $250-300 per month.

• How Close is to the Town Center,  Restaurants, and Activities?

It is only a 3-4 minute walk from the front gates of to the center of town (Jardin). And the majority of San Miguel’s best restaurants are only a 5-7 minute walk away.

There are also excellent spa facilities, grocery stores, internet cafes, appliance stores, art galleries, furniture stores only 1-2 blocks away.  And the famous Instituto de Allende with its language, art, and other types of classes is also nearby.

• What is the History of ?

While the history of the property is hard to trace all the way back to its Colonial origins, its recent history is well known. For many years, was home to a series of artist studios and university buildings.  Then for the last five years, the property had lain dormant.  In 2004 we rediscovered it recognized it as an ideal location for a private community of beautifully designed homes.

For more information call to information office in San Miguel: 415-152-2641
from the US call to: 202-536-4645
or e-mail us to: lafuente@homessanmiguel.com
, Zacateros 61, Centro,
San Miguel de Allende

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